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E-commerce Solutions
E-commerce Solutions
Establish a one-stop system for online and offline sales and marketing
Background and Challenges
E-commerce corporations need to understand in full sales situation and consumers' purchase mentality striving for continuous improvement on sales and marketing strategies to win the market.
Business ChallengesBackground and Challenges
  • How should e-commerce sales and marketing performance be evaluated?
  • How should consumers' purchase mentality be analysed?
  • How should sales promotion impact be evaluated?
  • How should best-selling products be explored?
Background and Challenges
Making use of world-leading Chinese NLP technology, rich Chinese data asset base as well as professional technical models built by industry expert team, Wisers E-commerce Analysis Service Solutions provide customers with real-time e-commerce monitoring analysis, systematic e-commence evaluation system, ROI evaluation and analysis, and more, helping customers optimise sales and marketing launch and establish a one-stop online and offline system for sales and marketing.

Wisers Rich Chinese Data Asset Base

740,000+ Raw information sources

100+ Billion historical data

100+ Million real-time data delivery

Wisers Life-cycle Big Data Smart Governance System

Cover a wide scope of e-commerce information sources

Robust data and high collection capability with high compliance level

Real-time e-commerce monitoring analysis system

Systematic e-commerce evaluation system

World-leading data governance capability

Knowledge maps covering 14 major industries

In-depth data business insight

In-depth analyst resources on vertical industries

Wisers E-commerce Analysis Service Solutions

E-commerce daily performance tracking
E-commerce sales promotion impact review
Product reputation insight
Analysis on e-commerce livestreaming sales promotion impact
Solutions Advantages
  • Analytical Method Tailor-made for e-CommerceAnalytical Method Tailor-made for e-Commerce
    • Quantify e-Commerce sales and marketing + KPI index such as livestreaming impact (HSFP), helping customers obtain real exposure volume through e-Commerce filter model
    • With purchase intention model (PI Model), identify sales conversion intention for the brand through semantic analysis on comments and other content
  • Cover a Wide Scope of E-commerce Information SourcesCover a Wide Scope of E-commerce Information Sources
    • Customised coverage of mainstream consolidated e-commerce and major vertical e-commerce according to what is needed
    • E-commerce extended coverage
    • Coverage of livestreaming e-commerce according to what is needed
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