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Livestreaming Analysis Solutions
Livestreaming Analysis Solutions
Provide customers with highly effective monitoring evaluation and analysis on real-time basis
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Background and Challenges
Livestreaming market involves a large user base, featuring high active level and stable growth, marking an important sales and marketing platform for 2C market.
Business ChallengesBackground and Challenges
  • How should livestreaming market layout be planned?
  • How should engagement results be evaluated?
  • How should livestreaming performance be measured?
  • How should brand livestreaming's appeal to fans be measured?
  • How should livestreaming products be tracked?
Background and Challenges
Making use of world-leading Chinese NLP technology, rich Chinese data asset base as well as professional technical models built by industry expert team, Wisers Livestreaming Impact Analysis Solutions provide customers with highly effective monitoring evaluation and analysis on real-time basis, bringing customers a solid base for their ROI decisions, helping them optimise livestreaming sales and marketing launch on a continuous manner.

Wisers Rich Chinese Data Asset Base

740,000+ Raw information sources

100+ Billion historical data

100+ Million real-time data delivery

Wisers Life-cycle Big Data Smart Governance System

Monitoring designated livestreaming timeslot & anchor accounts

Monitoring of short video livestreaming

Monitoring of livestreaming on e-Commerce sites

World-leading data governance capability

Knowledge maps covering 14 major industries

In-depth data business insight

In-depth analyst resources on vertical industries

Wisers Livestreaming Impact Analysis Solutions

Livestreaming impact evaluation
Livestreaming sales data tracking
Solutions Advantages
Achieve comprehensive and multi-dimensional evaluation analysis on livestreaming impact based on industry-leading livestreaming sales and marketing impact research methodology (HSFP).
  • Livestreaming EnthusiasmLivestreaming Enthusiasm
    Conduct indexing analysis for important measurement perspectives, summarising comprehensively the performance of different brands over different platforms
  • Livestreaming SentimentsLivestreaming Sentiments
    Make use of AI engine to analyse and determine sentiments based on feedback from fans towards the livestreaming, getting to know the purchase intention of users and exploring discussion topics among target groups
  • Number of Fans Attracted by LivestreamingNumber of Fans Attracted by Livestreaming
    Compare fans-related operational capability over different platforms for products of oneself and competitors
  • Sales ConversionSales Conversion
    Monitor sales volume and product selling prices before and after livestreaming as shown on Taobao, estimating the sales amount brought by livestreaming while conducting in-depth product analysis
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