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Enterprise Digitalisation
Enterprise Digitalisation
Provide reliable basis for corporate decision-making
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Background and Challenges
Business ChallengesBackground and Challenges
  • How should industry market intelligence be monitored?
  • How should consumers' behavioural characteristics be mastered?
  • How should industry and corporate brand performance be evaluated?
  • How should product enthusiasm and reputation be mastered anytime?
Background and Challenges
Solution Features
Making use of world-leading AI engine, rich Chinese data asset base as well as life-cycle big data smart governance system, Wisers offers corporate decision makers digitalised market insight solutions, enabling a big data-based overview of real-time market dynamics for the brand and providing a reliable and steady basis for decision-making.
Wisers Corporate Level
Digitalised solutions

Buzz monitoring for competitors' products

Real-time tracking analysis of brand's activities

Press release monitoring

Market intelligence monitoring

Collect market intelligence of the industry with omni-network data access


Consumer insight

User insight

AIDA ranking


Industry hot spot observation

Reputation performance

Brand positioning


Product reputation insight

New product survey and research

Product and service insight

Sales and marketing

Activity impact

Media impact

E-commerce analysis

WiseOne Intelligent Data Platform

Wisers Media Centre

Omni-network public sentiment monitoring anytime covering oneself, competitors' products and industry

Wise BI

Smart and in-depth data analysis, with easy explanation on sales and marketing data and assisting decision-making

Wise Influencer

Data pre-test, impact monitoring, KPI evaluation, getting comprehensive KOL sales and marketing data

Wise Search

World-leading Chinese media information and business intelligence database, with quick securing of news and information closely related to business

Wise Hot Buzz

Consolidate the hottest topics of the entire network, commencing daily online information intake for industry experts

Wise Event Analysis

Provide easy explanation on communication track and impact of events, enabling a full grasp on communication dynamics and trend

Wisers Rich Chinese Data Asset Base

Data: Data coverage featuring remarkable depth and breadth

740,000+ Raw information sources

100+ Billion historical data

100+ Million real-time data delivery

Information: World-leading data governance capability

Natural language processing

Image identification

Video analysis

Knowledge: Knowledge maps covering 14 major industries

In-depth knowledge maps covering a wide range of vertical industries

In-depth data business insight

Benchmarking for 10 major industries, AIDA consumer insight model and social media filter model etc.

Wisdom: Business decision-making solutions based on years of expertise in the industry

Wise Business Analytic Solution

Solution Advantages
  • Rich Chinese Data Asset BaseRich Chinese Data Asset Base
    • Raw Data: Massive data resources
    • Information: Leading data governance capability
    • Knowledge: Industry data correlation capability
    • Insight: Capability for in-depth business insight based on big data analysis
    • Wisdom: Business smart decision-making solutions
  • World-leading AI Intelligence EngineWorld-leading AI Intelligence Engine
    • World-leading Chinese NLP technology
    • Out-of-the-box AI business model matrix
    • 25+ International invention patents
    • 100+ AI and big data experts as team members
  • Life-cycle Data Governance System Life-cycle Data Governance System
    • One-stop data management and analytical platform
    • Seamless access to comprehensive data
    • Industrial level data process SOP
    • Real-time unstructured data processing
    • Smart big data governance platform
    • 360-degree multi-dimensional data analysis, with one-click for deployment and cloud-native feature
  • Business Decision-making Solution Driven by AIBusiness Decision-making Solution Driven by AI
    • Based on sources from omni-media data insight
    • AI-empowered business insight platform
    • In-depth interpretation and strategy solutions by industry experts
    • Life-cycle professional consultancy services
  • 汇丰
  • 招商证券
  • BCG
  • 华为
  • 苹果
  • 宝马
  • 复旦大学
  • 星巴克
  • 中国平安
  • 中国移动
  • 中国联通
  • 中国人民大学
Performance evaluation on brand collaboration and sponsor
Making use of world-leading AI engine, abundant and rich Chinese data asset base as well as life-cycle big data smart governance system, Wisers offers sales and marketing practitioners digitalised solutions, enabling a big data-based comprehensive and real-time overview of dynamics. Communication trend and public sentiment can thus be better mastered, and winning decision-making is made possible.
MorePerformance evaluation on brand collaboration and sponsor