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Wisers Data as a Service
Wisers Data as a Service
Provides customers with a data-driven solution to their strategic decision making in business
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Product Introduction
On the basis of a comprehensive coverage of Chinese media outlets, Wisers Data as a Service offers business insight by applying advanced AI technology to dynamically identify, collect, explain, and quantify relevant and derived data with multi-dimensional granularity. It caters to customers' need for a solid foundation on which to make business decisions in relation to markets, industries, companies, brands, products, users, and more. 
Business Values
  • Lowering Risks for Financial Institutions

    Lowering Risks for Financial Institutions

    Based on large volumes of multi-dimensional data and with the help of advanced technologies including AI and NLP, our platform effectively helps users identify business circumstances and corporate risks, providing financial institutions with a strong basis for decision-making regarding credit approval and investment management, thus effectively lowering risks for financial institutions.

  • Precise, Coordinated, and Intelligent Analysis of Data

    Precise, Coordinated, and Intelligent Analysis of Data

    Designed with domain-specific scenarios and a modularised data system, our platform provides institutional customers with precise, coordinated, and intelligent analysis of correlated data in their systems. Solutions to key issues, be it risk prevention and control, investment management, business decision-making, and many more, can all find full support in our big data technology.

  • Data Management

    Data Management

    Built with a sophisticated and complete data control mechanism, our platform removes the management hurdles of maintaining multi-layered data. This streamlined mechanism guarantees the truthfulness, accuracy, and continuation of information flow, which facilitates data exploration.

Core Components
  • Wisers Risk Intelligence Data Set

    Helps financial customers monitor risk signals related to subjects of concern, and discern as well as control risks promptly through a complete risk topic classification mechanism and risk transmission model

  • Wisers Smart Monitoring Data Set

    Helps financial customers create a data foundation for smart policy platforms, monitor market trends, and achieve a winning strategy by acting with foresight

  • Wisers Investment Intelligence Data Set

    Thanks to the leading AI NLP models, we can dynamically identify internal risks and growth factors related to companies or brands from news and social media big data. Through deep learning, we can make fine-grained analysis of different company entities, providing quantitative data support for specific topics, events and emotional trends, investment analysis and trading strategy modeling.

Core Advantages of Products
  • Data Collection and Consolidation

    Data Collection and Consolidation

    Boasting of one of the biggest Chinese databases in China, thus affording a full grasp of emerging trends with comprehensive and robust data collection and consolidation

  • AI Smart Processing

    AI Smart Processing

    Encompassing complete and advanced AI smart processing modules, conducive to flexible integration and quick model-building, thus realising in-depth business empowerment

  • Event Identification and Analysis

    Event Identification and Analysis

    Featuring a comprehensive system of topic classification, precise identification of significant events, and in-depth analysis of event correlation, all helping to generate extensive understanding from small clues

Applicable Scenarios
  • Corporate credit

    Corporate credit

  • Risk monitoring

    Risk monitoring

  • Compliance review

    Compliance review

  • Business opportunities

    Business opportunities

  • Investment research

    Investment research

  • Market research

    Market research