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PR Crisis Management
PR Crisis Management
Precise implementation of strategies in response to public sentiments
Background and Challenges
Public sentiments over the network can be complicated, ever-changing, sudden, destructive, urgent and biased.
Business ChallengesBackground and Challenges
  • How should public sentiments be monitored and crisis be discovered most efficiently?
  • How should potential destruction from crisis be understood?
  • How should crisis be handled effectively?
  • How should public sentiments be directed?
Background and Challenges
Solution Features
Making use of world-leading Chinese NLP technology, rich Chinese data asset base as well as various types of crisis public relations models built by industry expert team, Wisers Crisis Public Relations Solutions provide customers with general and customised crisis public relations solutions, helping corporations establish a smart, systematic and comprehensive system for monitoring and response, enabling precise implementation of strategies in response to public sentiments.
  • Negative Incident Monitoring
    A two-pronged approach with Wisers media monitoring platform plus manual pre-alert services, precise and comprehensive pre-alert on negative information can be made first and foremost without anything missed.
  • Negative Incident Pre-alert Research and Determination
    With manual pre-alert team involving close to 100 members with service experience spanning over 20 industries, customers are provided with information covering time trend, communication track, topic transformation, and more, according to public sentiments research and determination.
  • Negative Incident Tracking Analysis
    Wisers media monitoring platform provides customers with negative incident tracking analysis, enabling a real-time grasp on the development and communication track of negative incidents.
  • 7*24 Crisis Response
    With 7*24 crisis tracking response, providing customers with hourly-based crisis tracking and trend analysis, summarising core perspectives from major media and new negative information.
  • Crisis Public Relations Recommendations
    With industry expert veterans in public relations, crisis response solutions can be formed to tie in with crisis special taskforce formed by the user, with crisis response strategies featuring flexible adjustments until the crisis is downplayed.
  • Negative Incident Review Analysis
    With a complete review of the negative incidents, customers can evaluate the corresponding influence and public relations impact, consolidate crisis public relations processes, and optimise response strategies. Corporations are supported to explore different crisis response methods and establish a defence system.
Solution Advantages
  • Data AdvantagesData Advantages
    Cover industry-leading omni-media information sources; media platforms such as social media and short video media are included, which feature wide circulation in case of negative incidents.
  • Technical AdvantagesTechnical Advantages
    Multi-dimensional AI sentiments determination, hot spot analysis, discussion topic identification, communication track analysis.
  • Manual Research and DeterminationManual Research and Determination
    With manual pre-alert team involving close to 100 members with service experience spanning over 20 industries, 7*24 crisis tracking response is provided, bringing customers hourly-based crisis tracking and trend analysis.
  • Public Relations ExpertsPublic Relations Experts
    With a team of industry experts experienced in crisis public relations strategy, emergency-styled response is provided for crisis consultancy, providing customers with life-cycle closed-loop services on brand consultancy, featuring crisis response strategy with flexible adjustment until the crisis is downplayed.
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