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Wisers AIDA Model Facilitates Business Decision-making in Digital Marketing Era
Release Time:2019-02-21 11:20:30

Nowadays, it is pivotal for enterprises to realize digital marketing transformation by finding out valuable commercial information from massive data and converting them into quantifiable ones. Many consumers’ behaviours are not decided by digital data, which have transformed their decision-making process. In view of this, WisersAnalytics is designed by integrating the traditional marketing theory with the company’s own artificial intelligence (AI) natural language semantic analysis technology to form the AIDA model. With a series of indicators such as brand recognition, popularity, reputation and purchasing behaviour, consumers’ purchase path could be easily quantifiable for enterprises.


Let’s take a look at Brand X and see how its marketing campaign aroused fans’ interest and raised its profile from a brand with little brand recognition to a hot brand in just one month, turning the fans’ attention into purchasing power.

Brand X has invited idols and launched two types of Valentine’s Day limited-edition lip gloss to stimulate sales. On the other hand, it promoted the products through organising lucky draws, commercial, celebrity endorsement on Weibo  and hosting offline parties.

In terms of its media exposure, Brand X takes Weibo as its major promotional platform. Keywords such as “limited time offer”, “purchase limit”, “samples only”, “VIP day offer”, and more, were used to raise brand awareness and stimulate netizens to shop on Tmall. Meanwhile, the Brand targets netizens as potential clients through Weibo posts, e-commerce promotion and idol effect. During the promotion period, Brand X has been searched eight times more compared to weekdays with a high search rate on Baidu, indicating that the strategy has successfully raised netizens’ interest. Fans’ reviews after trying the product have effectively generated netizen engagement.  A regular Weibo user with more than 200 followers can generate more than 5,000 interactions with a conversion rate of over 2000%. In terms of content, the Brand has provided fans with product samples through lucky draws, thus driving up word-of-mouth publicity.

For feverish interactions triggered by celebrity endorsement and marketing campaign, what is the proportion between praises for the celebrity and word-of-mouth for the product itself? For comments made in response to the celebrity’s posts, “buy buy buy” is one of the top ten most frequently seen phrases, according to big data from the campaign. The celebrity’s ability to boost sales is evident; yet, the question is if there are fans who just pay lip service without buying? WisersAnalytics gives an answer after looking at the sales data as well. After the promotional campaign and with the launch of a series of limited-edition products, sales surged, and fans’ infatuation for the celebrity has translated into obsession with the product, which could extend the life cycle of the product. Fans who fail to grab the limited edition are already highly motivated and fired up. They will go ahead and shop for the product on Tmall. The marketing success of the lip gloss brand reflects how fans are not only the engine driving sales, they are also the key opinion leaders, affecting its branding and creating hype for the product. With the rapid development of the Internet today, apart from the company’s own marketing efforts, sales stemming from fans is undoubtedly one of the contributing factors to its commercial value.

On the surface, the aforementioned case is just a marketing campaign led by celebrity endorser. According to analysis through WisersAnalytics’  AIDA model, there was actually an underlying marketing logic behind it. The launch of the campaign would first garner higher public attention, followed by higher and higher netizens’ interest, then the word-of-mouth publicity, and finally the sales blitz. Real and reliable big data are what’s propelling the series of meticulously designed sales and marketing campaigns. Big data can provide the best answers to the following questions: how to identify potential consumers from the fleet of followers; how to entice netizens to go on a shopping spree; how to let the message go viral, proliferating as easily as tap water runs down the drain; and how to avoid the embarrassing situation that data rendered did not match with actual sales.

WisersAnalytics is only possible thanks to Wisers’ ever-expanding Chinese omni-media database and semantic resources established through 20 years of experience. It is empowered by AI and big data technology, and AIDA is used as an analysis framework for customers. Newer and more in-depth insights can be mined and discovered through applying AI technology such as topic discovery and classification as well as sentiment analysis. Wisers will further its vertical industry engagement and spare no effort in tracking new market trend to help customers advance their brands. Enterprises can better connect with customers and market, with brand spirit and values effectively conveyed. Upgrading their brands in the new communication context can become a reality.