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Denise Che Shares Her Life Pro-Tips at Microsoft WTN
Release Time:2019-05-22 11:20:30

Wisers Information Limited, a Microsoft collaborating partner and an exemplary enterprise led by a female CEO, was invited to Women Think Next 2019 (WTN), which was jointly organized by Microsoft and Yike Talks in Beijing on 17 May.

Denise Che, CEO of Wisers, joined by senior management of Microsoft and other enterprise founders on stage, shared with the audience the wisdom gained from career and family life, as well as her takes on wearing different hats in life, as a wife, mother and CEO. “Positive thinking is first and foremost. Accepting one’s imperfection and moving on without judging oneself or others are the keys. In times of adversity, reflect, mull and ask for help are part of the notion of growing up too,” added Ms. Che.

Che believed that staying calm and cool is her motto in life. She told her stories of  transforming from a financier to an entrepreneur, and how she handled the difficulties   in the process. In the face of the financial crisis at that time, she sought to lower the management cost to protect the company’s capital chain. As Wisers’ CEO, she has led the company to explore new markets and successfully tided over market turmoil as well as  pressure stemming from partners, resulting in  even stronger working relationships with the partners.

Lastly, Che shared her experience of striking a work-life balance as a working mother. She said that staying calm and cool is a sense of self-awareness and an attitude of staying positive in the face of challenges. She hoped that everyone could gain this wisdom and find their true colors after going through different challenges in life.