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Wisers and Isentia Agree Regional Clients Transfer: Expansion cements Wisers leadership in all-media insight
Release Time:2020-07-08 11:20:14

HONG KONG SAR - 2 July 2020 Wisers Information Limited (“Wisers”) will bring on board Isentia’s clients in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan and Hong Kong. These clients of the Australia-based media intelligence and insights solutions provider will be served by Wisers going forward. The move further strengthens the Wisers platform and will enable the company to serve all clients better with insights and scalable solutions.

After completion, Wisers will have 8 locations, serving more than 2,500 leading brands and policy makers, cementing its reputation as the leader in North Asia.

As part of the agreement, Wisers will collaborate with Isentia to make its deep capability in data science and artificial intelligence available for use by Isentia clients across Asia Pacific.

“This exciting development aligns perfectly with our mission to bring the power of data-driven decision making to all businesses. We welcome our new clients and are committed to providing uninterrupted and upgraded service to them -- and all our clients,” said Denise Che, CEO, Wisers. “And we’re looking forward to partnering with Isentia to roll out our leading-edge AI Lab solutions to help their clients elsewhere in the region make smart data-driven decisions.”

Wisers brings together massive data sets, powerful analytic engines and Chinese natural language processing capabilities to deliver actionable business insights. Wisers combines data analytics, market insights and artificial intelligence products with proprietary consulting methodologies and deep vertical industry experience.

Founded in Hong Kong in 1998, Wisers is the world's leading expert in all-media big data smart business intelligence solutions.