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Enhancing the Intelligent Decision-Making Ability of Financial Institutions──Wisers' AI and Big Data Analytics
Release Time:2020-08-25 15:02:10

Whenever people go online to search for information or go online-shopping, they leave behind little bits of footprints- customer behavioural data. Gather this bits by bits of “footprints” will be a mass amount of data, with the analytical tool, this can provide precious insights for enterprises looking to refine their decision-making processes. Big data analytics can be used to gain accurate market insights, identify business opportunities, avoid risks and maintain corporate reputations.At this point in time, not many financial institutions are making good use of big data analytics. After thorough research, we’ve summarized a few key reasons for this:

    1. Insufficient funding, manpower and time to collect and analyse big data.

    2. Not aware of the potential benefits of big data technology such as monitoring and analysing public opinions.

    3. Most analysis tools are developed for English content and sentiments, making it difficult to play their strengths in the Greater China market where Chinese is the dominant language.

Designed with the needs of financial institutions in mind

Wisers AI Lab was established in 2014. Currently it has 30 natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) experts graduated from world-renowned universities. They designed “Wisers AI Intelligent Financial Solutions” specifically for financial institutions. Using a Chinese all-media database with resources accumulated for 20+ years as well as artificial intelligence analysis and big data mining, we can conduct big data analysis at a lower cost, with less manpower and in a shorter time-frame. This will provide in-depth and accurate insights to forecast trends, generate risk alerts, assist with decision-making in a rapidly changing market environment and discover more business opportunities.

Find out which companies and industries are worth investing in

Financial institutions need to keep on top of news relating to specific companies and industries as well as studying the research reports of listed companies. All of this is often done manually, which is a very time consuming process making it extremely difficult to carry out decision-making recommendations quick enough for optimal results.

Wisers’s solution utilises media data from the Greater China Region- over 180 cities in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our database covers more than 95% of the mainstream media in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and can monitor and analyse data in a timely manner, extract and automatically summarize the content from thousands of reports in both traditional and simplified Chinese and English everyday. Combined with media data, we can formulate multifaceted investment strategies that enable organisations to make well informed and timely decisions.

Understand market trends with sentiment analysis

It can be extremely difficult for financial institutions to gather useful data from the market. Collecting a big enough volume of data from a wide variety of sources to gather useful market insights is no easy task. A professional analytics tool provided by Wisers can allow financial institutions to discover hidden trends, emotions and sentiments from within the market.

Wisers AI Intelligent Financial Solutions are equipped with an all-media sentiment index that uses data from the news and social media sources. It aggregates all insights to produce 1000+ sentiment index signals, automatically selects features through deep learning models and predicts stock price trends.

Explore the impact of policies on investment

New policies and speeches from influential figures can have a significant impact on the market. Generally speaking, financial institutions need a fair amount of time to collect and analyse information and work out the correlation before turning them into useful insights.

Wisers AI Intelligent Financial Solutions use advanced artificial intelligence technology like ‘Topic Tagging’ and ‘Name Entity Recognition’ to automatically and instantly extract government policies and key opinions from media data before adding them to a policy knowledge database. When analysing media big data, it disassembles the policy’s context and the views of influential figures to assist financial institutions in predicting trends and formulating corresponding strategies.

Ensure institutional compliance

Nowadays, most industries need to spend considerable manpower and time to respond to customer queries. On top of this, financial institutions need to ensure that they fully comply with related regulations under all circumstances.

Wisers AI Intelligent Financial Solutions can quickly analyse regulatory changes to work out how they will affect the market. In doing so, they can assist financial institutions in avoiding rule violations and making the best possible decisions in response to market changes.

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