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Wisers Information Teams Up with Core Customers to Explore Value of Big Data in Sales & Marketing and Corporate Communications
Release Time:2019-09-25 11:20:58

Wisers Information organised a VIP customer appreciation day and Mid-Autumn Festival celebration at Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou on 6 September. During the luncheon served with local delicacy, customers discussed with Wisers' customer service team for Eastern China how different industries could make use of its data solutions to build capacities in operations and sales & marketing. They also expressed their expectation and made recommendations on the future directions of product development and data upgrade.

During the event, Wisers introduced its home-grown solution – the media trend analysis report, and reviewed some case studies where customers have leveraged its data applications and analyses to advance their business. Wisers introduced the success stories of some of its long-term clients, and discussed how the applications of big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can benefit businesses in sales & marketing and corporate communications.

With more than 20 years of experience in providing clients with omni-media big data and business intelligence, Wisers is committed to constantly upgrading its solutions to meet clients' demands. Wisers has been relentlessly upgrading its solutions in terms of data mining, analysis, AI algorithm and sequencing according to clients' demands and market trends. Amassing over 96 million data entries per day, Wisers champions in Chinese media data mining. It has also developed solutions for vertical markets of various industries. As of today, a wide array of data and AI solutions have been developed by Wisers covering different scenarios in public relations, digital sales, branding and market research, smart retail, financial risk management, consolidation of customised data output and processing.

At the event, Chelsea Wang, Media Management Director, Wisers, unveiled the report on media landscape and trends for the first half of 2019. After analysing the media data, Wang found the new trend that mobile data traffic has grown significantly, outpacing traffic on personal computers. In addition, the network media traffic has been more segmented and focusing on lower-tier market, with the highest growth detected in traffic of pan-entertainment platforms.

Sam Zhao, Research Director, Wisers, discussed a case study in which a company made use of Wisers' solutions to get detailed and accurate market information and find out if its marketing and communication strategies were effective. Through analysing and clustering data harvested from social media, the solutions could get a grip on the content, voices, engagement on social media platforms, and provide answers to the following questions: whether or not its marketing and communication campaigns had any positive effect on consumers’ behaviours; whether its sales team could harness business opportunities after the communication or advertising campaign; and what were consumers’ impressions of the brand. These questions would be difficult to answer based on sheer experience and perception.

In addition, public relation and marketing executives from brands such as Coca-Cola, SAIC Motor, Wei Chuan, Suning Real Estate, joined the discussion enthusiastically to find out how valuable information could be extracted with Wisers' big data technologies.

It is noteworthy that for many years Wisers has been dedicated to the research of big data intelligence, providing clients with advisory services and business insights based on information extracted from Internet, social media, e-commerce and various Over-The-Air (OTA) platforms. Not only is Wisers' capacity of big data processing made possible by its ability of mining and analysis of media data, its AI algorithms technology is also sharpened and fine-tuned through interactions with its clients. The value of raw data is ultimately determined by researchers in data analysis and the related technology.

Wisers will continue inviting brand owners, clients, public relation and advertising companies, digital analysts, data engineers and solution experts to develop the best data applications with respect to the demands of different industries. This reflects that as Wisers is constantly upgrading its data processing capacity, brand owners are becoming more aware of the extensive applications of big data and AI in sales & marketing and corporate communications.