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Wisers Wins Three Awards and Makes Into 2019 China's New Prominent Big Data Enterprise List
Release Time:2019-10-28 11:20:35

The ability to renovate the products and solutions and commercialise new technologies is crucial for any enterprise in any industry. This is especially true in the age of Internet, big data and AI. Apart from technology development and innovation, executives of these enterprises should also focus on the commercialisation of technologies, and learn about customers' needs and market trends in order to capture opportunities. That is to say, they need to harness the following three major product R&D, product adaptability and sales and services.

The 3-day 6th World Internet Conference rounded off at Wuzhen, Zhejiang wrapped up on 22 October 2019. Distinguished guests from 83 countries and regions gathered in Wuzhen to exchange views on the theme of "Intelligent Interconnection for Openness and Cooperation: Building a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace" with discussions surrounding cyberspace development, the latest information technology innovations, and sharing and opening up of cyberspace.

Running together with the WIC were a series of events jointly held by Zhongguancun Entrepreneurs Angel Investment Union, Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance, and Data Technology Industry Innovation Institute (DTiii) in Tongxiang, Wuzhen. The activities attracted 126 big data and AI unicorns, 30 Internet giants and leading bellwethers, as well as 35 chief information officers, and 22 investment organisations. During the event, Data Technology Industry Innovation Institute released the 2019 China's New Prominent Big Data Enterprise List, with 112 enterprises with value of RMB100 million on board. 

Wisers made it into the list for the second time in 2019, reflecting not only the recognition of its market status in the data services industry, but also the expectation of third-party institutions and industry alliances as well as its leading roles in production, study, research and application of technologies.

In addition to 2019 China's New Prominent Big Data Enterprise List, the event also unveiled the winners of the best big data application and Top Choice 2019 in China's big data industry.

Of the over 300 enterprises with 375 cases, Wisers received two awards in the category of "public sentiment" for its big data and AI application of "Business Value Behind Big Data".  Details of these cases will be published in the first quarter of 2020.

As a high-quality service provider on the processing, analysis and application of big data from Chinese media, Wisers collects up to 96 million pieces of data a day from more than 570,000 sources, including newspapers, websites, apps, communities, Q&As, forums, e-commerce platforms, radio and television. Through analysis of media contents and the interaction among the audience, Wisers has helped more than 2,500 customers complete market research, public sentiment monitoring, business opportunity exploration, development of community marketing strategy and assessment of marketing effect.

Through its partnership with media and data collection technology, Wisers' Chinese media database runs around the clock seven days a week. The data are collected from mainstream media and social group media, covering the more valuable data such as netizens' comments, follower interaction, among others. More importantly, Wisers' home-grown AI-powered natural language processing technologies can tag and sort massive data by industry, tone, brand and other parameters. Such technologies can comprehensively and quickly collect, process and analyze data in the context of media content.

As an enterprise dedicated to data services for 20 years, Wisers has been studying the needs of customers and learning from each project case.  Wisers has been working with Microsoft's ecosystem partners, and has been exploring applying data services to more areas and industries.  Wisers has established bilateral cooperation relations with higher education institutions and universities, science and technology research and development institutions, industry associations and organizations in China, thus paving the way for future development and operation upgrade.

Winning the accolade of best big data application 2019 means that Wisers has provided benchmarking solutions and excelled in problem solving in the area of public sentiment data. While the award of Top Choice 2019 is a recognition of Wisers' customer service and product capabilities. The award reflects more on the benefit customers can get from data.

In the development going forward, Wisers will strive to ceaselessly refine and upgrade its products in order to help customers address their pain points. Each and every demand of the customers will become a new objective of product development and the solutions as finetuned and upgraded will become Wisers' advantages. Wisers is playing a key role in pushing forward the big data ecology, providing market data to customers, enhancing decision-making efficiency and accelerating digital transformation.