One-stop Solutions Platform

WisersOne is a flexible, customizable enterprise platform that leverages our Research Lab’s AI technologies and the largest Chinese media and data source to help you understand customers, markets and trends.

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More than 2,500 clients use WisersOne to optimize their brands, reputation, marketing and communications for competitive advantage. WisersOne delivers market intelligence, manages risk signals and facilitates decision-making with uniquely useful solutions, actionable analysis and reports.

Sixty-eight million new items from over 470,000 sources of mainstream news and social media are added daily to our database to create a Wise River of 59 billion pieces of data reaching back 20 years and spanning all Chinese markets.

Our easy-to-use platform sends businesses industry-specific and customized intelligence. This analysis is produced by Big Data trained AI, including using AI-enabled Chinese Linguistics, to structure the data.

WisersOne users include senior business executives, branding, marketing, and PR departments.

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 WisersOne Solutions

WisersOne solutions can be accessed individually from the portal, but many are also interconnected to assure the smooth flow of consistent data across multiple workstreams:

Key features

One-stop Solutions Platform

With a single login, you access all the WisersOne solutions. Data flows and many of the key features integrate across multiple solutions for consistency and enhanced functionality.

Omni-Media Based Insight and Methodologies

Our proprietary methodologies and cross-media analysis help you understand the current media landscape by revealing the mentions and context of monitored subjects and issues.

Tracking Analysis and Visualization

Multi-dimensional and visual analysis helps you track, understand and evaluate the overall influence of monitored events. Our big data and AI technologies track the evolution of comments and coverage tied to events in real time.


AI Sentiment Engine with Expertise in Chinese

Wisers achieves the highest sentiment accuracy level in the market with a variety of models for all media platforms including mainstream news and social media, as well as a hybrid approach to linguistics and machine learning.

Real-time System to Alert and Evaluate

Real-time alerts help ensure timely reputation management – including crisis – by identifying negative news and coverage across all media platforms.

Automated Image Recognition

Deep-learning-based face and trademark automated recognition, with a more than 85% accurate rate.

Interdisciplinary Knowledge Graphs

Comprehensive knowledge graph system incorporating public sentiment, financial reports and Wikipedia data.


Vertical Industry Solutions

We’ll be launching a series of professional, cost-effective vertical industry solutions serving a multitude of sectors.